Development of the PEP® formula
PEP® was developed in 1984 by Kerry Gleeson in a Swedish bank. When doing a training in the bank Kerry discovered that people working in the bank would pick up a piece of paper 8 times on average before doing anything with it. The fact that most people did this became the reason for Kerry to develop a program to teach people how to work more efficient.

The PEP® program consist of two short theory blocks in which the basic PEP® principles are presented and discussed after which each participant is individually coached in their work environment. In addition each participant receives a number of follow up visits over 2 to 3 months by a certified PEP® coach to help the participant implement the changes they desire.

It is not enough to only read about PEP®. It is an action program. Every step in the process is implemented in practice. The only way of getting the desired results is to get NOW on your side. The philosophy of PEP® is DO IT NOW! What should you do with the mail that accumulates in your inbox? DO IT NOW!